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Jason Loane, 1971 – 2018

Staff Shooters

Our shooters are based all around New Zealand and are passionate archers, hunters and ambassadors for the sport. They also field test the equipment we stock, so you can be confident in trusting the equipment and brands we carry.


Trevor Irvine

Shoots: PSE

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Over the years Trevor has pursued many passions from competitive motor racing (always a petrol-head), to fishing – and of course archery.

The bow and arrow always held an attraction for Trevor as a young lad. To journey through life and become the owner of an archery business, international coach and top archer can only be called living the dream.

Trevor enjoys the competitive side of archery and has represented New Zealand in both field archery and target archery on numerous occasions.  He has been National Champion of several styles of archery over the years, a South Pacific Champion along with taking many international podiums. He is the current National Champion in Bowhunter & Field Style archery.

Over the years, Trevor’s goal has been to introduce as many people as possible to sport of archery. His own family have all been archers at one time or another.

Trevor’s coaching has evolved over many years. Achieving IFAA International Master Coach Status has been a career highlight along with the success of those he has coached – to see them reach their own goals in their chosen disciplines.

Trevor has recently renewed his interest in bowhunting –enjoying the companionship of his hunting buddies. He bagged a hind and stag in a recent hunt and looks forward to many more hunts to come.

A Pearson Staff Shooter for several years and assisted with R&D on their new bows. He shoots several Pearson bows – each customised for purpose: indoor archery, field and target, and hunting. The line up includes a Pearson Trust, Trust 37, Xout and Rhino X with drop away arrow rests and paired with Victory arrows to suit each setup.


Simon Ward

Shoots: Xpedition/Bear

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As a young fella Simon always had an old fibreglass recurve bow and loved flinging arrows in the backyard. It wasn’t until a number of years later after losing the enjoyment and challenge of hunting with the rifle that he took to bow hunting seriously.

Simon started with an old Fred Bear compound and hasn’t looked back. The challenge, sense of adventure, and reason to explore beautiful parts of the country are just some of the things that keep Simon hooked.

Simon predominantly hunts Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Pigs, but always enjoys chasing other species with bow in hand. Over the years he has been fortunate enough to harvest some nice representative species of New Zealand game animals including Sika, Red, Fallow, Pig, Thar and Chamios – and aims to add to that list in the years to come!

Over the years Simon has dabbled with traditional equipment (both recurve and longbow) and currently shoots a 46 pound Bear recurve. He hunts with an Xpedition Xcursion 7 – a nice balance and weight. Fast and yet forgiving. He is keen on heavy arrows and runs Victory Vaps tipped with Slick Trick broadheads – a tough and devastating combo.


Jason Loane

Shoots: Pearson

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1971 – 2018


Arrowhead Archery's first staff shooter, Jason was not only one of the team but has been a part of our family since he was 14. Jason was a great hunter, a fiercely competitive archer and highly respected amongst his peers. He was also an exceptional photographer and an awesome Dad. All of our family and team held Jason in the highest regard and he will be very missed by us all but NEVER forgotten.

Rest in peace my friend - we will never forget you.

Note – Please click on the social icons above to check out some of Jason's fantastic work.


Justin Irvine

Shoots: Bear

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Justin first picked up a bow at an early age and a lifelong passion for archery and bowhunting was born.


As a junior archer, Justin held a number of national IFAA and NZFAA records and represented New Zealand three times. As a teenager, Justin continued to win tournaments and spent considerable time hunting. Then in his 20's, a professional career and new daughter put archery on the back-burner for a while.


But the call of archery and the hunt was strong. In his late 30's Justin reconnected with life-long friend and staff shooter, Jason Loane and the pair were soon back in the hills chasing game.


Archery gives Justin a focus and balance outside of a very demanding professional career. With the skills learnt through his latest corporate roles he  brings a structure and focus to the staff shooter program at Arrowhead Archery.


In his own words, “Being a staff shooter for Arrowhead Archery is a serious commitment to the company, the brands represented, and the sport of archery. The development of a truly win-win program that meets the commercial requirements of the business while rewarding the staff shooters is super-important to me”

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Jill Gillette

Shoots: Pearson

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Jill is an active outdoor person who enjoys bowhunting, rifle hunting, fishing and photography.


She grew up in the Waikato where hunting was easily accessible.  Her interest in bow hunting started in 2005 where she was mentored by the older members of Franklin Archery Club. As a young widow, Archery gave Jill focus and comradeship from like-minded people. 


Jill has diverse hunting experience chasing Sika, Reds, Fallows, pigs and all manner of birds and fish with a bow, rifle, rods and camera. 


Her main focus has been preparing for and taking part in various national and international tournaments. Highlights have been The World Masters Games taking home 2 silver medals, ranking 6th at the World Field Archery Championship where she also won a bronze team medal. Jill is a 2018-2019 NZFAA Bow Hunter Champion.


An active member of the New Zealand Field Archery Association and Director of Coaching, Jill is involved in the Franklin Archery Club as a committee member and a competitive tournament shooter.


Jill is coached by Trevor Irvine and is currently training to compete in the International Field Archery World Bowhunters Championship in Yankton, USA.


Jill currently shoots a Pearson X-Out with Victory arrows 3DHV 500 V6, Ultrarest HDX QAD arrow rest, and a Trophy Ridge React sight.

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