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Arrowhead Archery is  run by international archers Trevor and Cheryl Irvine. For over 35 years, Arrowhead Archery has been in the business making archery accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We're here to provide sound advice, coaching, and quality archery supplies. We want to make sure your experience with the sport of archery is the best it can be – so we take a custom-fit approach for every customer. 

Trevor and Cheryl are supported by an experienced team of staff shooters who live and breathe the sport. Our team field tests equipment to ensure that our products are up to task. As ambassadors for Arrowhead Archery our shooters are consistently 'out there doing it' – competing, hunting and chasing the next archery adventure.

Quality Equipment

We stock a wide, hand-picked range of archery equipment and can also promptly source other items you may require from manufacturers. 

Personal Service

We'll make sure you find the right equipment for your needs, budget, and ability level with our  expert advice, fitment, and coaching.


Trevor is one of New Zealand's top professional archers and our staff shooters are dedicated representatives of the sport.

About Trevor

Trevor Irvine, Director of Arrowhead Archery, is a well known and respected international archer.  He is one of New Zealand's top archers, a Pro Staff Shooter for Pearson Archery, New Zealand's only IFAA International Masters Coach, USA Archery Coach Level 3 and NZFAA Level 5 Coach and National Coach.

Trevor coaches all disciplines of the sport; Field Archery, FITA (Olympic Style) Target Archery, 3D, Bowhunting and Recreational Archery. Trevor has coached many young archers who have achieved international recognition. Several have shot world records. Trevor was also involved with Parafed for 30 years – coaching members and setting up groups around New Zealand to enable those with physical disabilities to enjoy archery.


Trevor co-founded the NZ Field Archery Association and served as president of the association for over 20 years.

About Cheryl

Cheryl Irvine became involved with archery 27 years ago when her son wanted to get into the sport. Cheryl quickly saw tremendous value in archery for those who don’t like team sports but enjoy the individual challenge of archery. Seeing a change in her son's confidence and a growing belief in himself, Cheryl realised she had no option but to become a shooter herself and enjoy the experience as a family activity.


Beginning as recreational shooter, Cheryl enjoyed the friendship and support received from other archers.  Gradually entering the competition side of archery, she has achieved success and status within the archery fraternity that was never expected, but very much enjoyed.


Cheryl is a qualified NZFAA coach and also an International Level 2 coach. She coaches on regular basis both with Arrowhead Archery Pro Shop and the local Mt Tiger Archery Club where she holds the position of Coaching Director.


Cheryl is a member of the New Zealand Field Archery Association (NZFAA) holding many positions over many years and is now a Life Member.


Cheryl encourages all parents, young adults and children to give archery a go. Archery is a sport for all people of all ages – and enjoyment is always the main focus.

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