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Company Profile

Arrowhead Archery was founded by international archers Trevor and Cheryl Irvine. For over 38 years, Arrowhead Archery has been in the business making archery accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We're here to provide sound advice, coaching, and quality archery supplies. We want to make sure your experience with the sport of archery is the best it can be – so we take a custom-fit approach for every customer. 

In 2021, Trevor and Cheryl sold Arrowhead Archery to long-time friend, supporter and South Island rep, Mathew D’Ath. Mathew and Susan are supported by an experienced team of staff shooters who live and breathe the sport. Our team field tests equipment to ensure that our products are up to task. As ambassadors for Arrowhead Archery our shooters are consistently 'out there doing it' – competing, hunting and chasing the next archery adventure.


Quality Equipment

We stock a wide, hand-picked range of archery equipment and can also promptly source other items you may require from manufacturers. 


Personal Service

We'll make sure you find the right equipment for your needs, budget, and ability level with our  expert advice, fitment, and coaching.



Mathew comes from a family of archers and bowhunters & our staff shooters are dedicated representatives of the sport.

Mathew & Susan D'Ath

Mathew served as Arrowhead Archery’s South Island Representative for many years prior to purchasing the business from Trevor Irvine in 2021. 

Mathew's father gave him his first bow when he was 4 years old. He shot his first goat at 7 years of age.  At 16, he travelled 5 hours to Arrowhead Archery (then based in Auckland) to purchase his first new compound bow.

Soon after getting married Mathew started selling archery gear part time. Together with his wife Susan, they started promoting archery and bowhunting at events such as the Sika Show.

It was around this time they started their own company - Bowhunt NZ Ltd, as specialist bowhunting guides. Together they have been involved in establishing Egmont Archery Club, they sit on the Canterbury Bowhunters committee, and Mathew is currently serving as an area contact for the New Zealand Bowhunters Society. They both have been involved in organising national and South Island 3-D competition shoots.

In 2001 Mathew & Susan shifted to the South Island of New Zealand for Mathew to manage Wilderness Archery (now known as 'Aim Tru’), an archery store in Christchurch. Susan worked part time at Aim Tru Ltd to establish lane shooting competitions for high schoolers, a social league, school holiday programmes and team building experiences. Mathew sold, serviced and tuned bows and coached to get accurate shooters.

The 'call of the hills' as Mathew says (or ‘mountains’, as Susan likes to remind him), lead him back to guiding over the hunting season. They moved further south to Geraldine and started a family. They now have 3 children, all who sport various types of bows. They all enjoy shooting and attend 3D club shoots when they can.

Over the years, Mathew has been mentored and trained by Trevor, continuing to promote and grow his knowledge through the archery and bowhunting community.

After major knee surgery and a necessary change of occupation and life goals in 2020, Mathew and his family moved to Darfield, nearer to Christchurch, with the plan of establishing an archery & bowhunting store with better access to clubs in a more central location.

Mathew has always enjoyed shooting and helping others to enjoy the archery experience and excel in the sport. Mathew is committed to raising his family within the wider archery community and ensuring the ‘archery experience’ is in good hands for the next generation!

Owner Bio
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