2014 IBO Series Round 1 - Twin Coast Archery Club - Results

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The first round of this year's series has come and gone and what a magnificient day weather wise - especially when you look at today (Monday - persistent rain).  The cold did set in though once the sun decided to disappear for the day.

85 Archers started the series with most categories well covered.  A big thank you to Stephen and Nathan Orchard who did a lot of prepartion work for the event and the Twin Coast members who assisted with the target placement, cooking etc as usual.  As Stephen and Nathan had set the course they still wanted to shoot and as shown their scores were recorded but not given points at this stage of the series.

Top score from the seniors came from Jason Loane in Male Bowhunter Release at 586 points - well done Jason.

The Longbow division saw Phil Dickey remind us how well he shoots his longbow with a very respectable 546 - his co-shooters requesting we do a "Phil peg" - sorry guys same peg for all the Longbowers.

The Hunter Class was well represented with new archers this series and it is noted that the scores will definitely lead them into their respective senior divisions next year - well done to you all.

In the Junior Section Justin Bergman shot an excellent score for the day at 606 - still a few years before he is a Senior.

A full set of results is included for everyone to read and digest.

Next round is at Dargaville Archery Club on the 13th JULY - and for the rest of the Series this year there will be NO REGISTRATIONS ON THE DAY  so all entries and payments will need to be made on or before the Wednesday prior to the shoot.  An information pack will be loaded shortly with the map to the club etc.

Thanks to everyone who attended and we look forward to the next round.

Shoot Straight

Trevor & Cheryl