2016 IBO Series Wrap UP

This year the IBO Series was run in conjunction with the IBO  Nationals during this year with the World Field Achery Championship the focus was on marked rounds and to save clubs putting in courses for a small attendance - the Nationals and the Series was combined.

The Series is based on your 3 best rounds so allowing your worse round to be dropped.

Full set of results is attached.

At the end of the day all the winners of each division compete in the Champion of Champions which is a one arrow closest to the centre of the 10 ring.

2016 IBO Nationals Wrap UP

2016 IBO Nationals have come and gone - the 2 days split between Franklin County Archery Club on Saturday the 19th November and Whitford Forrest Archers on Sunday the 20th November.

Both clubs members had done a lot of work to make the courses different and the challenge of the independent peg setters made for a very interesting weekend.

2016 - IBO Series Newsletter - Please read

The 2016 Series of the IBO has been cancelled for this year oly but NOT the Nationals.

Due to circumstances beyond our control many of the Clubs who have been supporting the IBO Series and facing challenges with forestry tree removal which effects our schedule for our events and reluctanly we have  had to cancel this year's Series but NOT the Nationals


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All entries close on 31st October - no exceptions.


See you all there.

Cheryl & Trevor


19th and 20th November 2016

Day one - Franklin County Archers

Day two - Whitford Forest Archers



See attached


More information to come.....first week October

2015 New Zealand IBO Nationals

The IBO Series for this year is now complete with the 2015 National IBO Championship being held at Mt Tiger Archery Club - Whangarei - on the 17-18th October.

As with the whole series the weather had chosen to be kind to us and with our programme for the weekend everything ran to plan.

There was competition in most divisions and some of the divisions being very close.

2015 IBO Series Final

Round 4 and Series Final was done and dusted today.  Bay of Islands Archery Club certainly turned the weather on for what can only be described as "one out of the bag" considering that the weather forcast was for thunderstorms and wind.  Well we have clear blue skies and only a smattering of rain and the day was all done, prize giving for the day completed followed by the Series and we were all heading home at 4.30pm.

IBO Series -Rnd 3 - Whitford

Round 3 of the Series is done and dusted and Whitford was considered to be a challenge.  With the temperature sitting around 1 degree - some said -1 degree - which truly was a breathtaking start to what turned out to be a very sunny day with clear blue skies for as far as the eye can see no clouds anywhere.  Did not help though in the forest/bush area the course was set around.  Still cold and dark in some places.

2015 IBO Series - Round 2

Round 2 has now gone with 73 archers attending and the weather doing the "Franklin" threat of is it or isn't going to rain.  A couple of showers but a very biting wind which came from each direction depending on which part of the course you were on.

Franklin Club worked hard to create a challenging course and to also keep the round archer friendly with the walking and positioning of pegs.

2015 IBO Round 1 - Snapshots
2014 New Zealand IBO Nationals

The 2014 New Zealand IBO Nationals were again hosted at the Kerikeri Archery Club, Northland on the 18th and 19th October.  A big thank from us, as organisors, for their effort from all the club members young and old.

73 archers participated at what was to be challenging courses with the added feature of not so pleasant weather.

2014 Series Final Round-Up

The 2014 Series of the Ultimate Challenge has now been completed and what a Series - with weather being the biggest test for all who had entered and travelled from all parts of the North Island to participate.

2015 IBO Series Round 1

Dargaville Archery Club - Round 1

This year the IBO round at Dargaville did not require a boat, waders or even an umbrella, with only a couple of very small dustings of rain the rest of the day was sunny with slight breeze.  Some say perfect shooting conditions.

2015 IBO Series Information Pack.

Hi All,

This weekend sees the start of the IBO Series for 2015.

Information Pack attached.

Please make sure if you pay on the internet that you let us know with your name and division for the pre-registration work that is required.

You can bring the entry form with you on the day - but you must be pre-registered.


See you all there.

Trevor & Cheryl

2014 IBO Nationals





See full information pack


All entries must be in by the 6th October



2014 - Round 3 - Mt Tiger Archery club

Round 3 at Mt Tiger was to prove to be one of those days out of the bag - sun shining, no wind and a challenging course.  Mt Tiger having worked on their Morepork Course for something a little different.  The day saw 82 archers set to meet their challenge and as the scores shows some very good results came in after round 1.

Daley Jones and Joseph Zwaans top scoring the day with 602 points each with Gene Gray at their heels with a score of 600.  There is plenty of hot competition through all the divisions so Round 4 and final it will be all on.

2014 - IBO Round 2 - Dargaville

The rain stopped, the wind went away and clear blue skies prevailed.  Who would have thought after the worst rain in Northland for ages.  Getting to Dargaville Archery Club from the North proved to be the first challenge of the day and many thanks to all of you from the North who made it.  My thanks goes to the Downer Crew who offer to transport me across the flooded area so that Bob Morris could rescue me - but Bob was able to cross the flooded area in his trusty 4x4 .  Those coming from the South had the challenge of "pot hole dodging" - all in all 68 shooter

New IBO Entry Form

Hi All,

The new entry form for the IBO is now downloaded.

Please note that we will not be taking entries on the day from round 2 on. 

Please make sure your entry is in by the Wednesday prior to the shoot - no exceptions.

Many thanks and see you all at the next IBO>


2014 IBO Series Round 1 - Twin Coast Archery Club - Results

The first round of this year's series has come and gone and what a magnificient day weather wise - especially when you look at today (Monday - persistent rain).  The cold did set in though once the sun decided to disappear for the day.

2014 IBO Series

Hi All,

It is that time of the year again - when we start the Arrowhead Archery IBO Series.

As with previous year's there are 4 rounds in the Series and your best 3 count towards the division winners for the Series.

This year sees the final time at the Kaiwaka property of Andrea & Stephen Orchard - so it we are sure it will be a special shoot.

Remember to get your entries in by the Wednesday before the event - email the entries through - pay on line or phone your card details to Gene or Trevor.

IBO Series Round 1
2014 IBO Series

Information Pack is found in IBO Newsletter etc.pdf under Newsletter.

2013 New Zealand IBO Nationals

2013 New Zealand IBO Nationals

19th - 20th October

Host Club - Kerikeri Archery Club.

The weekend of the Nationals has come and gone and what an amazing weekend.

The weather turned on its best spring weather with mild to cold mornings heating up nicely throughout the day so that after lunch you would have to think it was the middle of summer and not a drop of rain in sight.

2013 NZ IBO Nationals

Arrowhead Archery

New Zealand IBO Nationals 2013

19th - 20th October

Hosted by: Kerikeri Archery Club


Hi Everyone,

Attached to this notice is a full information pack on the Nationals this year.

Points to remember:

IBO Series 2013 - Final Results

IBO Series Final - Twin Coast Archery Club - 11th August

The week leading up to the event was lovely with plenty of sunshine and nice warm temperatures in the North but this was not to last - Saturday hit and so did the rain all day and all night making the Kaiwaka course a good slip, slide in the rain day.

80 archers braved the conditions to have an enjoyable day with the wind making for some very interesting arrow flight.

A full set of the results are attached and photos are on the Arrowhead facebook page.

IBO Series 2013 - Final Results


Host Club - Twin Coast Archery Club.

It was an awesome week leading up to the final right through until Friday night and bang Saturday sent the rain down in fine drizzle at Kaiwaka which only helped to make for an interesting slip, sliding day of archery.

80 shooters were on the start line and the day progressed well with only several heavy downfalls to help keep the archers on their toes.  The wind also making for interesting arrow flight for some.

2013 IBO Results Rnd 2

Rund 2 Results now posted - as anyone who attended will know wet weather was the order of the day and wetter weather as the day progressed.  Where Dargaville had heaps of sun - Whitford had heaps of rain - so now we come along to Round 3 at Mt Tiger on the 14th July - lets hope for a fine one.

Download your entry form and get your entries in - hardcopy of results and info out next week.

See you all there.

2013 IBO Results Amended
IBO Results 2013
IBO Series Round 4
IBO Final 2013

IBO Final 2013 - Twin Coast Archery Club

The week preceeding the event was one out of the bag but to test our various skills the weather decided to rain all day Saturday to give us the drizzle, several downpours and the wind for Sunday.

IBO Series Round 3
IBO Results 2013 - Round 3

Results from Round 3 - Mt Tiger - 14th July.


Two sets of results -

One set shows the results for the day

The Second set shows the series placing.



Wet - windy - sunny - cloudy - wet - windy - all 4 seasons in one day.


Photos have been posted on Facebook.